Monday, 28 February 2011

ASOS booties

Today, I bought these highly coveted ASOS shoe boots. I have had my eye on these shoes for quite a while after I had seen them on other bloggers. Today, I finally took the plunge and bought them. They will come tomorrow and I will take a picture of how they look. I reckon they will go really well with a few of my recently purchased dresses. I bought them in a taupe colour as I don't really have any shoes in this colour. The black version is more popular but I already have a similar pair of shoes in black. I love the block heel and have recently bought quite a few shoes with this type of heel. Can't wait to wear them! x

My wardrobe

This is my wardrobe. Its a bad picture taken on my phone and the lighting is really bad. Also its only half my wardrobe because it also goes round the corner which I couldn't fit in the photo. Will take a better picture with my actual camera. Will also take pictures of my favourite things in my wardrobe! x

An introduction

Iga Honeyman. London. Young and Wild. 
Hello everyone. I'm not expecting many to read this. I'm going to make this short and sweet to tell y'all what this is exactly. I've decided to make a blog. Now I LOVE clothes, and I have A LOT of clothes so I thought why not share this love with, maybe not a lot of you, but at least it's out there! I'm going to let you know straight away that I don't work nor study in the fashion sector. My spelling isn't great and I will usually rush these blogs in my spare time so don't expect great grammar! Nether the less enjoy!

The above photo is me at House of Holland LFW.