Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Marchesa Dresses

Recently, I have become a little too obsessed with looking at wedding dresses on the internet! I managed to stumble upon the Marchesa spring ready-to-wear collection. Even though the collection is ready-to-wear, I feel that some of these dresses are so bridal appropriate. Recently i've been hearing quite a bit about "black swan" themed weddings and some of these dresses would be perfect for that. The dresses are gorgeous! What do you think..? 



To celebrate all my new followers I am doing a giveaway! I will be giving away £15 ASOS vouchers for those in the UK or $25 Revolve clothing voucher for those in the US. Unfortunately, ASOS only offer vouchers to those in the UK. For those elsewhere an equivalent prize will be available.

To enter all you have to do is make sure you are following my blog, then just comment with your name! Easy as!

I will announce the winner on my birthday, the 23rd March. 

Please only comment once as multiple entries wont be counted. Only comment this post if you are entering the competition. The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on my blog, so keep a look out! The winner will then have 3 days to contact me at, after which I will choose another winner.

Good luck! x

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Buy my stuff!

Heya, just wanted to introduce my ebay page. I'm going to be selling quite a bit of stuff over the next couple of weeks as my wardrobe is overflowing with stuff! So feel free to take a look:

thanks! x


 Today was a lovely day! I really wanted to take some photos in the lovely sunshine but the boy was at work, so I had to make do with the wardrobe mirror.I did however manage to sneak a couple of photos of my new litas and my lovely bulldog Gabe in the garden. On sunday, when the boy is not working, we shall take some better photos.

I also dyed my hair from the pink to purple! Just a change, but I think I prefer the pink. What do you think...?

My gorgeous new Litas in taupe, as they didn't have black in the shop. But I love the colour!

                My gorgeous english bulldog Gabe.

This is the make-up that I used:

  • Mac studio tech -NW20
  • Mac studio fix -NW20 ( I put this on top of the fix for a better finish)
  • Mac blush - Meeba (I lost the plastic lid! - this is a great colour, it is quite bright though but great for creating cheekbones!)
  • Mac opulash mascara - black ( I love this mascara really thickening!)
  • Benefit brows a gogo ( I love this for creating definition in my eyebrows)
  • Eyeko graffiti eyeliner pen - black ( This is my favourite makeup product at the moment! Its just amazing so easy to use and last for ever!)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Future Giveaway

Once I get 35 followers I will start this giveaway. The amazing prize will be a £15 ASOS voucher for my UK friends; Or a $25 Revolve clothing voucher for those of you in the US. Those of you elsewhere can let me know what your favourite store is and I could give you a voucher from there! :D But remember: I first need 35 followers! So hopefully this will happen soon! 

I plan to do frequent giveaways, so to be in with a chance of winning in one of my future giveaways don't forget to follow this blog! x

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The PPQ for Office collection

The PPQ for Office collection has now been launched. I hate to say this but I am actually quite disappointed. PPQ is one of my favourite brands and I did have quite high expectations for this collection. Just like the other collaborations PPQ has done, it seems PPQ has lost its unique style which is reflected in their mainline collection. The best shoes are the two which I have pictured. They were shown in the A/W collection at LFW. I quite like the heels but I think they would have looked nicer if they had a slightly thicker heel. With the more stiletto heel they look slightly tacky and cheap, and definitely don't reflect the £110 price tag. What do you think....? Let me know. x

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Hello Lita

Just order THE Jeffrey Campbell Litas from  my boyfriend, who is currently in New York. This means that I save on tax-YAY!. Yes, I was boring and did order them in a black. But black just goes with everything. Perhaps I should have got them in something a bit bolder like a bright blue? Hmmm... might have to get another pair...? I cannot wait to wear these beauts! x 

Jil Sander Acetate Market Bag

I am in love with this Jil Sander bag! The colour is so on trend at the moment. It is paired really well on the catwalk with that teal dress, a real fashion statement. It's just downright amazing. But one things for sure... you would not want to take your trash out in this bag! I would love this bag NOW, but unfortunately it's sold out pretty much everywhere. However, net-a-porter will be restocking them soon; so like me keep your eyes peeled! 

Monday, 28 February 2011

ASOS booties

Today, I bought these highly coveted ASOS shoe boots. I have had my eye on these shoes for quite a while after I had seen them on other bloggers. Today, I finally took the plunge and bought them. They will come tomorrow and I will take a picture of how they look. I reckon they will go really well with a few of my recently purchased dresses. I bought them in a taupe colour as I don't really have any shoes in this colour. The black version is more popular but I already have a similar pair of shoes in black. I love the block heel and have recently bought quite a few shoes with this type of heel. Can't wait to wear them! x

My wardrobe

This is my wardrobe. Its a bad picture taken on my phone and the lighting is really bad. Also its only half my wardrobe because it also goes round the corner which I couldn't fit in the photo. Will take a better picture with my actual camera. Will also take pictures of my favourite things in my wardrobe! x

An introduction

Iga Honeyman. London. Young and Wild. 
Hello everyone. I'm not expecting many to read this. I'm going to make this short and sweet to tell y'all what this is exactly. I've decided to make a blog. Now I LOVE clothes, and I have A LOT of clothes so I thought why not share this love with, maybe not a lot of you, but at least it's out there! I'm going to let you know straight away that I don't work nor study in the fashion sector. My spelling isn't great and I will usually rush these blogs in my spare time so don't expect great grammar! Nether the less enjoy!

The above photo is me at House of Holland LFW.