Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Jil Sander Acetate Market Bag

I am in love with this Jil Sander bag! The colour is so on trend at the moment. It is paired really well on the catwalk with that teal dress, a real fashion statement. It's just downright amazing. But one things for sure... you would not want to take your trash out in this bag! I would love this bag NOW, but unfortunately it's sold out pretty much everywhere. However, net-a-porter will be restocking them soon; so like me keep your eyes peeled! 


  1. aha..this is cool..this is the first time ive seen a market bag on runway.hahah..im loving it.nice blog.

  2. Not convinced... hate to sound like someone's mum, but how durable is it?? And 75 quid, are they joking? ;-)

  3. i luckily got them at jil sander hongkong a month ago. i bought the black one. the orange is just too striking and a bit difficult to wear with anything.